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Diagnosis Kits

We are continuously improving and maintaining highest quality control system in Korea. In Korea, we provide the most advanced technology and know-how in the GMO analysis and DNA extraction. Particularly, we are expanding in the Food DNA analysis area. We will continue to have strategic relationship with the Genetic ID of USA. Our company will also maintain close relationships with various organization around the world to be informed of the latest discoveries and know-how.
 Bacteria[2] Virus[2]
 Protozoa[1] HPV[1]
 H1N1 Influenza[1] Animal Species ID[1]
 Food Allergen[1] Rice Cultivar ID[1]
 Hanwoo(Korean Native Cattle) Genotyping[1] Veterinary Disease[1]
 GMO[1] Plant Virus[1]
 Nucleic Acid Extraction and Reagents[2]
Diagnosis Kits Total 16 products are available.
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